Cosworth WRC 4wd Billet Steel Front Drive Flanges / Wheel Flanges

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Cosworth WRC - Group A Billet Steel 4wd Front Wheel Flanges (pair)

These are a replacement for standard front 4wd front flanges to fit the larger WRC-Group A wheel bearing and upright, and are machined with the correct splining to accept the original driveshafts. 

These flanges eliminate any welding of sleeves onto original flanges then trying to true up to ensure they run straight, not only that but these complete steel billet flanges are much stronger than the original cast items.

All of our billet flanges are now supplied with longer 63mm long wheel studs, if you require different length studs please contact us prior to ordering.

Any questions please ask and check out our other items for a full range of replacement and aftermarket Ford parts.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review