Ford X/Flow Billet V Crankshaft Pulley 75mm diameter: Lotus Twin Cam, Ford X/Flow & Pre-X/Flow OHV Kent

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Ford X/Flow Billet Aluminium Crank V Pulley smaller 75mm diameter 

Made from billet 6082 aluminium much stronger than standard pulley and also lighter helping the engine to spin up quicker.ideal for any engine from standard road going car to race engine. Smaller 75mm diameter for reducing speed of water pump and alternator. Can supply in bespoke sizes for the price of programming specific size. Please contact for details.

Can supply in anodised finish.

Ford Pre-Crossflow OHV Kent
Application: Ford Anglia 105E 1.0 1959-1967

      Ford Anglia 123E 1.2 1959-1967
      Ford Cortina Mk1 1.2/1.5 1962-1966
      Ford Cortina Mk2 1.2/1.3/1.5 1966-07/1967
      Ford Consul Classic 1.3/1.5 1961-1963
      Ford Consul Capri 1.3/1.5 1961-1964
      Ford Consul Corsair 1.5 1964-1965
      Ford Prefect 107E 1.0 1959-1961
      Marcos 1500 GT
      Morgan 4/4 1.0/1.3/1.5 1960-1968

Ford Crossflow OHV Kent
Application: Ford Capri Mk1 1.3/1.6 1969-1974

      Ford Capri Mk2/Mk3 1.3 1974-1987
      Ford Cortina Mk2 1.3/1.6 07/67-1970
      Ford Cortina Mk3 1.3/1.6 1970-1976
      Ford Cortina Mk4/Mk5 1.3 1976-1982
      Ford Escort Mk1 1.1/1.3/1.6 Mexico 1968-1974
      Ford Escort Mk2 1.1/1.3/1.6 1975-1980
      Ford Fiesta Mk1 1.3 Supersport/1.6 XR2 1980-1983
      Caterham 7
      Morgan 4/4 1600 1.6 1968-
      TVR 1600M 1.6 1972-1977

Ford Lotus Twin Cam 8v 1558cc
Application: Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1 1963-1966

      Ford Lotus Cortina Mk2 1967-1970
      Ford Escort Twin Cam 1968-1970
      Lotus Elan 1962-1974
      Lotus Europa 1971-1975
      Caterham 7 1973–1974


Any questions feel free to contact us.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review